teresa giudice

Joe Giudice is facing deportation back to his native Italy after serving a prison sentence for a range of fraud and tax crimes.
The husband of Teresa Giudice will remain in ICE custody until he gets a court date to appeal deportation.
The husband of Teresa Giudice has been ordered to return to his native country of Italy.
It certainly sounds like Danielle Staub's return on Season Eight is a no brainer then doesn't it? Well, if you all would
The instances where staggered sentences have been used reveals that they are an exercise of judicial discretion usually reserved for wealthy defendants.
Major congrats are in order for the reality star.
“It was nothing like being on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'"
After almost a year behind bars, Teresa will be home for Christmas.
On May 31, the Bravo staple and cookbook author broke her silence from behind bars with a tweet to her fans. The consent
Its been nearly three months since Teresa Giudice reported to the Danbury Connecticut federal correctional facility, and the family opened up about just how much has changed.
Teresa Giudice began her prison sentence in January for bank and bankruptcy fraud. She is slated for an early release on