term limits

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg joked that if President Donald Trump won’t leave the White House, he would have him do chores around the hallowed halls.
The president has ruminated before about serving more than two terms, a scenario the Constitution bars.
The California Democrat appears to have fended off a challenge to her leadership and would serve no more than four more years as speaker under the deal.
In Trump’s admiration of Xi Jinping – and the fawning of his enabling audience – we see again the dangers of this presidency.
A supposedly anti-corruption policy actually empowers lobbyists.
Our city and state government has officially gone insane for the past decade. But the Governor has missed numerous opportunities
But given the tremendously arduous process necessary to get any ballot initiative before the court -- it starts with gathering
Locked in a bitter struggle with House Speaker Michael Madigan over a reform agenda that's largely been ignored by Democrats
Before serving as governor from 2009 to 2015, Pat Quinn was known as a rabble-rousing reformer who, most famously, led a