term limits

The president has ruminated before about serving more than two terms, a scenario the Constitution bars.
The California Democrat appears to have fended off a challenge to her leadership and would serve no more than four more years as speaker under the deal.
In Trump’s admiration of Xi Jinping – and the fawning of his enabling audience – we see again the dangers of this presidency.
A supposedly anti-corruption policy actually empowers lobbyists.
Last week's federal complaint against nine people in state government and its vendors is once again a sad spectacle that
The ruling majority of justices in their decision singled out one problem with the proposed amendment that put it in violation
Here's video as well as the full text of Rauner's speech. "I've been governor of Illinois for a year and a half now. We've
Quinn is up against an Aug. 8 deadline to get roughly 53,000 signatures of registered voters in Chicago on petitions to get
Rwanda has approved changes to the constitution that cleared the way for Kagame to stay in power until 2034. A similar move
Congratulations on writing The Advocate's Daughter, a taut, twisting thriller that's received high praise from Gregg Hurwitz
The poll shows 71 percent of voters are in favor of the Illinois Supreme Court adding a neutral, tie-breaking vote to the
Michigan state government has been broken for decades, but it's just now coming to people's attention outside our state via the Flint water crisis and the Detroit Public Schools crisis. How did this happen? And could it happen to you?
"At some point, tough decisions are going to have to be made. And we have to do that for the health and future of the state
As world leaders gather this week for the United Nations General Assembly, a crisis gaining little international attention may offer a big lesson on foreign policy.
Term Limits, gerrymandering, and big money in politics. Think of how wonderful American government would be if we just fixed those three problems. We have been told it would be impossible to do something about all of these issues, but what if it wasn't?
Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has at least one non-negotiable item on his wish list for the spring legislative session: passing legislative term limits. Rich Miller of Capitol Fax explains.
To maximize effectiveness, the composition of a corporate board should reflect its customers, the employees of the company and even other stakeholders such as investors.
Back in 2012, then-Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) was one of the few preaching judicial term limits on the trail. He called himself
With Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Executive Mansion in Springfield, could this really be the beginning of a new, cooperative era in Illinois politics?