Terrence Malick

It's the director's best movie since "The Tree of Life."
Whatever is happening in this Terrence Malick movie, we're in.
In my career, I have had several pieces appear in movies, but for the life of me, I forget. Like all pleasures in life, glory
Here's a curious thing: A fun, funny, action-packed animated family film that just by happenstance strikes at the very core of the ugliness behind the presidential campaign of a certain, stubby-fingered, orange-American.
Terrence Malick is not known to deliver T&A in the style of banal Hollywood blockbusters that are the industry's bread and butter. Yet Malick's latest work asks us to indulge a visual narrative that does just that in order to arrive at what is presumably a noble space of redemption by film's end.
Can we vote with our spoon, every day of our lives? And if so, where can I sign up so I can avoid the mistake of electing some of the candidates running for office these days...
"You have love in you. I know it." That's the takeaway from the first trailer of Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups," the
In Things People Do, an insurance man with an ideal middle-class set up loses his job because he is too "nice" when investigating insurance claims. And like the protagonist of Murnau's celebrated 1924 film The Last Laugh, Bill is too ashamed to let his family know.
Lynn Margulis' view of evolution focused more on what might be called the "environmental agency" of organisms -- their capacity to adapt their environment, not just adapt to it. Only when and if such a view of evolution becomes more widely accepted does society seem likely to fight warming successfully.