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Peters will replace retiring Sen. Carl Levin (D). See more on the midterm elections below: Republican Terri Lynn Land was
Democrat Gary Peters won the Michigan Senate race on Tuesday. Peters defeated Republican Terri Lynn Land. He will replace
Below, more updates on election news: Peters' predecessor is a venerated and long-serving congressman. Levin has held office
"[I] gave to folks who knew what they were doing to maximize that result," Munson said. In Alaska, earmarked contributions
IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Climate Change and Election 2014: High stakes on energy, the environment, and global warming ... All
This year the Republicans are doing their very best to prevent the voters from remembering who they really are and what they really stand for. They're putting on their "moderate masks" and the costumes of ordinary middle class Americans.
So here are the issue-by-issue stands for Gary Peters and Terri Lynn Land, with additional links at the bottom for each candidate if you'd like to dig deeper.
Either we can choose to elect those who have proven themselves to have the courage and the foresight to make decisions with the long-term benefit of working people in mind, or we can elect those who are too shortsighted and too captive to special interests to make the calls that will help our nation thrive.
But when he left Farallon, Steyer instructed the company to divest his personal holdings of money in tar sands, coal, oil
The Michigan Republican Party is hitting Peters for taking money from loan sharks in a 30-second television spot inspired
While each of these candidates has danced to a slightly different tune on the science of climate change, they all follow the same move when it comes to opposing any action to address the issue. This is where their dancing feet start to step on each other.
"The ad, titled 'Bad Loans,' uses my likeness without permission for an exploitative purpose," Nickowski wrote in a cease
We haven't won in Michigan. We aren't even close. This election may come down to who shows up to vote. The simple question is: Have you talked to your family and friends? Have you done your part to register people to vote?
Vincent Hutchings, a professor of political science at the University of Michigan, told the Center for Public Integrity that
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Peters acknowledged the Koch brothers' involvement in the race during a campaign rally in July, at which point the Koch-backed
Other competitive Senate contests across the country have seen more debate action. In North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Kansas
WASHINGTON -- In the most heavily contested Senate races over seats now held by Democrats, corporations and business trade
"Through this partnership with LCV, we will ensure that voters across the state learn about Terri Lynn Land's out-of-touch
The complaint with the State of Michigan focuses on 15 donations she made to her 2002 campaign for secretary of state. Her