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“Choosing to love each other year after year has proven to be the best decision we’ve ever made,” Crews said of his 30-year marriage to singer-songwriter Rebecca King-Crews.
He's got the muscles to rule the mussels. And Twitter agrees.
The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor also joked he’s been keeping in shape for 15 years just to reprise his role in the 2004 comedy.
Host Terry Crews did the honors after he said he saw himself in the dazzling hopefuls.
The disability community and advocates say the talented musician, who's blind and autistic, is being turned into inspiration porn.
The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor sees himself as an ally of those who've also been victims of sexual assault. But does the Me Too movement need friends like him?
The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor had suggested children need "paternal AND maternal" love to fully thrive.
The actor wants survivors of sexual abuse to know they "did nothing wrong."
“Are you implying that I ‘wanted’ to be sexually assaulted?" Crews asked the comedian on Twitter.
The buff "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor and "America's Got Talent" host got in a workout for an audience member on "The Late Late Show."
“He feels like he’s being attacked,” the actor said. “But the truth is, he’s not.”
Terry Crews helped her find it for a happy Hollywood ending.
"Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION," the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star tweeted.
Cast member Terry Crews came forward with real-life claims of sexual misconduct in 2016.
"Sexual assault of men is a real problem and not a joke, despite the way we tend to talk about it."
The ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor wrote a powerful message to those questioning his account of sexual assault.
The rapper deleted an Instagram post questioning the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor's manhood.
The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor discussed his sexual assault before a Senate committee.
Terry Crews headed to Capitol Hill to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to fight for the rights of sexual assault survivors. He also explained the dangers of fighting back as a black man in America.
The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star recalled his childhood terrors in an emotional speech.