Terry OQuinn

"One of the really wonderful things about Phineas and Ferb is that you can enter the show at any point and understand what the plot of a particular episode is," Lindelof explained during a recent event at Disneytoon Studios.
Shortly after the drama series were revealed on Wednesday, Fox ordered four comedy pilots to series: cop comedy "Brooklyn
Do you think "Gang Related" has potential? Are you excited to see O'Quinn give TV another try? Sound off in the comments
Ring of Fire" is not on the level of even a middling episode of "Lost," but this Reelz production is at least a few notches above a Syfy Saturday night movie.
"Awkward" is getting two new additions for Season 3: Anthony Michael Hall, "Breakfast Club" alum, and Nolan Funk, best known
The group is once again urging its supporters to bombard sponsors of the ABC series with emails protesting the content of
Watch the clip above and tell us: Are you into "666 Park Avenue"? For the newest residents, Henry (Dave Annable) and Jane
If you're still confused about the ending of "Lost," don't worry -- so is Terry O'Quinn. Or so he'll say if you corner him
The premiere didn't hold back any secrets, either, as far as what Gavin is up to with the tenants of the hotel. He brokers
"666 Park Avenue" premieres Sun., Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. HuffPost TV caught up with stars Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa