test drive

Empty bottles, french fry in the seats, stalking an ex ... everything.
When you do take your test drive, there are a few specific things you should be looking, listening and sniffing for. Yes, sniffing.
I tried to come up with a good analogy to describe the bright red Tesla S Sedan that I took out for a drive and, the supermodel comparison came to mind -- sleek, elegant, stylish and sexy with a beauty that makes it all to possible to overlook the intelligence within.
Here are five common mistakes shoppers make that you should avoid if you want to get the best deal on your ideal car
While we would find it hard to live with Versa as a full-time family daily and weekend driver, for the businessperson or student making the run to work or school every day Versa might be a fine choice.
"Look," I said coolly. "I like the car, but we just need to agree on a price." I went back and forth on the phone with each