testicle eating fish

“As I came up and looked at it, I thought I knew my fish and this is a huge monster,” he told CBS Chicago. In 2011, two men
As for our pacu, he'll have to go back to the store soon. Our 2Pac is a growing boy, and we are quite confident that he won't
The Pacu, which has come to be known as the "testicle-eating fish," looks like a Piranha with dentures and has reportedly turned up in far-flung locations -- from Denmark and France to Illinois and northern New Jersey. Now, a reader has directed our attention to a Pacu that turned up in a suburban lake last month near Seattle, Wash.
You've been submitting suggestions all day, and now the Huffington Post's pet Pacu fish is getting its official moniker on
Check us out at HuffPost Live, as we feed our new friend, give him a name, and talk about who's really to blame for the pacu
Is Pacumageddon nigh? And it's not just the Seattle area. There are also news reports of Pacu caught in Arizona, Colorado
If you're going swimming in Scandinavia, wear your trunks -- no ifs, ands or nuts. It's unclear how the fish got into Scandinavian