Lawyer Lanny Davis said Cohen's scheduled Feb. 7 testimony to the House oversight committee will be postponed.
Anger, like laughter, really can bring men together at women's expense.
The “I Believe Anita Hill” group says the parallels between the 1991 testimony and Christine Blasey Ford’s are overwhelming.
For nearly 16 years, Corey Miller has maintained his innocence. Two new court filings bolster claims that authorities framed him.
Prosecutors say the admission helps establish a pattern of serial sexual abuse.
The accounts raise new questions about Sessions’ testimony regarding contacts with Russia during the campaign.
Rachael Denhollander publicly accused Nassar in 2016. In court on Wednesday, she was the last survivor to address him.
Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) grills Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions loses his cool while being questioned by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
In his first public testimony since his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivers an opening statement before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Besides arguing the Supreme Court's Booth decision had been overruled by the Payne decision, the state also argued that it
The legal balance is between merely harassing requests directed to top executives and the executives' actual involvement
Donald Trump's vice presidential pick once praised Hillary Clinton for her handling of the chaos in Libya during the early days of civil unrest there and encouraged the Obama administration to take aggressive action in the country.
"They don't look like Indians to me."
The young Nazi approached 13-year-old Szulem Czygielmamn as he walked on the sidewalk of Lubartowska Street in Lublin, Poland, and shoved him off the sidewalk. Szulem was lucky; Jews had died for less.
Genocide is never the same thing twice, but its consequences for the victims and the survivors are chillingly similar. Comparing human suffering between one genocide and another serves no purpose and to my knowledge there is no meter for human pain.
I'd love to go back in time and be a fly on the wall during that deliberation. What they discussed in that sequestered room has long gone to the grave, but I find Mary Jane Heaster's testimony about Zona's fractured vertebrae to be downright spooky.