Yeah, you read that right. Tucker Carlson is shining a light on a bizarre treatment that allegedly combats low testosterone levels.
The Fox News host’s guest suggested using infrared light as a “bromeopathic” therapy to improve testosterone levels.
One person quipped the Fox News host would be arrested if he tried to show the video in Florida schools.
The two-time Olympic champion has been locked in a battle over her testosterone levels with athletics authorities.
The Olympic champion's lawyers say the Swiss supreme court ordered the IAAF, track’s governing body, to suspend its testosterone regulations.
Sports regulators said the Olympic gold medalist runner would have to take medication to suppress her natural testosterone levels.
Olympic 800m runner Caster Semenya lost a landmark case against the International Association of Athletics Federations on Wednesday.
We spoke to dermatologists for the technical side of things, and members of the trans community for some more personal insight.
Women's sports should be about the destruction of gender norms, not reinforcing them.
Officials grapple again with fair competition and gender definition.