"If I had a wife she'd probably have left me by now."
Video games. A time-honored way to put off homework, spend time with friends, and rewire our brains.
We wondered just what are the most prolific video game franchises ever? We're not just looking at actual sales, but sheer number of titles released. It's pretty amazing how addicted we've become to certain characters and concepts, as the following list attests.
The creators of "Playing History: Slave Trade" removed a level Monday which featured black slave characters being dropped into a ship.
All that time spent on your Game Boy might actually have been worth something.
So there's going to be a live-action movie based on the game "Tetris," according to The Wall Street Journal. You read that
Softbody-Tetris (New Version) from Niko Schatz on Vimeo. Tetris is a game full of building suspense: will the shapes fit
I couldn't help but feel wistful when I heard that today is the 30th anniversary of the release of Tetris. Even though I have not played the game in about 25 years, it got me thinking about why Tetris became (and remains) so popular to begin with and also how, in some ways, it's the ultimate gaming embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Ryan's experiments only assessed the short-term effects of video games and the potential for minor acts of aggression after
Reminiscent of the "Mario"-inspired resume that achieved viral success, the Arduboy card shows that paper is so out when
"Games are providing rewards that reality is not. They are teaching and inspiring and engaging us in ways that reality is not. They are bringing us together in ways that reality is not."
If you love modern musicians like Daft Punk and happen to have fond memories of classic gaming days gone by, then you are
So astonishing, in fact, that Tetris champion Ben Mullen has called it the "greatest achievement in the history of gaming
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgIt's the result of a fundamental misunderstanding of placebo effects and control groups -- a misunderstanding that, scientists are now arguing, invalidates any claims of effectiveness for almost all psychological interventions.
HP: We like that you still use an AOL account (our parent company) as your contact e-mail. Is this an attempt to 'keep it