Few topics divide the American populace as sharply as abortion rights. As states across the country pass legislation that
The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has coincided with a schedule of arguments before the Supreme Court that will have an enduring impact on women's access to reproductive health care. The first of these cases, Whole Women's Health v. Hellerstedt, is being argued today.
Life is passionately defended only if the subject of concern is fetal life. "Right-to-life" politicians are often vehement supporters of the death penalty, seemingly oblivious to the obvious internal inconsistency in their attitudes to the beginning and the ending of life.
The high court will allow the clinics to remain open while it decides whether to hear an appeal over a Texas law that requires
Abortion has been with us as long as has pregnancy. It will not go away. Should safe, legal abortion become inaccessible (the goal of Republicans), women in large numbers will choose other options.
Before the law went into effect, there were about 40 licensed abortion facilities in Texas, a state of about 27 million people
A different 5th Circuit panel had previously ruled that Mississippi could not enforce its admitting privileges law because
The measure that made it out of both chambers this year is House Bill 3994, which tightens the requirements on “judicial
Jane's Due Process, a nonprofit that helps minors obtain judicial bypasses, said the legislation invites a lawsuit, since
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