Texas Democratic Party

Only two out of the 15 members of a group aimed at targeting white supremacist violence appear to be people of color.
People have to “realize how much the federal government actually provides to the state.”
On the DNC "unity tour," there were some conciliatory moments after a controversial week.
“When done to minimize Hispanic electoral opportunity, it bears the mark of intentional discrimination."
Thanks to his anti-choice policies like defunding Planned Parenthood and other family planning programs, half of the women in Texas face difficult barriers to exercising their right to choose and make their own health care decisions. Currently, Texas is fifth highest in teenage pregnancy, lagging behind the rest of the country.
Oct. 3 will someday be viewed by Texas historians, Texas media, Texas political leaders and Texas voters as the day the future began to change in Texas, as the day the tide began to turn.
But there will be one crucial difference between this session and the last. "I know that it's not a lonely fight that we
Republicans have said they will expand outreach to Latinos, and they did in 2012. The party will likely continue to tout
Rogers said she wasn't worried about not being invited to the party's national convention. "I have no reason to be in Charlotte
Below are some videos of Castro's speaking style. Castro delivers a keynote speech at the 2012 Texas Democratic Convention
I stand proudly with the growing chorus of governors who reject the Obamacare power grab. Neither a 'state' exchange nor
This decriminalization of marijuana does not mean we endorse the use of marijuana but it is only a call to wiser use of law
All Precinct Convention Results are unofficial until certified by the Credentials committee at the County or Senatorial District