Texas Department of Public Safety

Alcohol is suspected in the death of the 20-year-old Phi Kappa Psi pledge.
He also had a history of domestic violence, yet still managed to obtain a gun.
The suspect had a history of domestic violence, like many mass shooters before him.
Other fund requests are expected after damages are assessed.
It's difficult to fathom the enormity of this storm event.
Family lawyer Cannon Lambert said on Wednesday he was disappointed that prosecutors decided not to see the case through.
Signs in polling places about the state’s controversial voter ID law contained outdated rules. Poll workers gave voters incorrect information. Lines were long.
Dear Texas Department of Public Safety, thank you for releasing the dash cam footage of the confrontation between Texas State Trooper Brian T. Encinia and the motorist Sandra Bland. I have 10 questions.
While is it common knowledge that dogs, in particular male dogs, urine scent mark their territories, human males often mark their territories in other forms more noxious and poisonous than urine.
DPS director Steve McCraw indicated he was frustrated about media reporting on the incident, and in a July 14 email he asked