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It's unclear whether Republicans in the state House of Representatives will kill the measure or pass a different version.
Amendments to bills would allow nurses, lawyers and pharmacists to discriminate on religious grounds and restrict bathroom use for trans students.
And "often, the far-right strategies in Texas are exported to other states," one activist says.
“I want to believe that these are honest mistakes and the publishers will fix them,” said Rosenau. The NCSE report says, “We
Thomas Ratliff, another Republican board member, noted that the board can't do much about the Texas curriculum standards
I am thankful to work with great people like Mark Fowler and the folks at Tanenbaum, who help advance the idea that pluralism
We are a backwards-ass state in a fast-forward world. Texas is a land of contradictions. We are creating some of the planet's most advanced technology while teaching our children that archaeology proves the Bible to be factual.
As so many before me have said, hate is not a Christian value -- and we shouldn't let it become an American value either.
It's frightening that these are the "experts" the Texas State Board of Education wants to review science materials. Their positions are well beyond non-science and have entered the realm of nonsense.
Islamophobia, the virulent strain of religious hatred that has been spreading like wildfire across the country, is set to put in an appearance at the Texas State Board of Education.
We really need to stop this ridiculous argument about being a Christian nation. If there should be any doubt, let us listen to the founding fathers themselves.