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No, Churchill didn't say "fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists."
How does this kind of mentality take hold of a state of nearly 30 million, at least to the point that the governor himself would take official action?
“The reason why all these other people have the First Amendment right to criticize Chris Kyle is because he had the guts
In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court ultimately resolved the 2000 election in favor of Bush. The court ruled on Dec
The idea that a satire news show would take election coverage so seriously no longer comes as a surprise. How did satire news become such a major player in news media? And, is its increased social power dangerous for our democracy?
People who admit they aren't passionate about politics ask me why I'm voting for Wendy. As a mother, I'm voting for Wendy Davis because I agree with her position on women's reproductive rights. However, Wendy Davis is not a one-issue candidate.
Sept 19 (Reuters) - Heading into the final weeks of the campaign, Texas gubernatorial candidates Republican Greg Abbott and
"I'm the governor of the state of Texas," he said. "My citizens' safety is what is foremost here, and it hasn't got anything
In reading a recent piece in The Washington Times, you might think that Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- he of the hip new eyeglasses -- is deeper than his gun-toting persona would lead you to believe.