The campaign of state senator and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D) on Friday rushed to defend a controversial ad attacking her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott (R), after the ad received near-unanimous condemnation from Republicans and
This attack by Greg Abbott is nothing more than an attempt to distract from his record siding with a corporation against
He backtracked just a bit on Wednesday. In an interview with the Associated Press, Abbott conceded that information about
Narrative is a deeply engrained cultural process that defines, inflicts and enforces taboos against ambitious women. The narrative of a mom heading off to Harvard Law School was never going to fly.
Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis delivered a strong message to Republican opponent Greg Abbott on equal pay for
In a Monday release from her campaign, Davis responded to Abbott's attacks with defiance. Davis' main Republican opponent
“It seems, to boil it all down, that Wendy Davis would’ve ended up being really poor and destitute were it not for a man
"The GOP knows that Wendy Davis is special," Warren wrote, "and they are scared that her victory in 2014 could turn the tide
Abbott, the leading Republican candidate, is more positively rated, with 36 percent viewing him favorably, 24 percent unfavorably
Gov. Rick Perry (R) announced in July that he would not be seeking reelection, and his attorney general, Greg Abbott, is
Texas Democrats kicked off their "I Want Wendy" campaign on Tuesday by asking state residents to sign a petition urging Davis
According to the Associated Press, soon after the election, he will be launching a national book tour -- even though he insists
In a recent cover story, Newsweek lionized Perry as the ruggedly handsome Marlboro man with thick waves of hair who might
Folks, it's serious down here. If you thought George W. Bush was bad, please consider the following: Governor Perry is the