texas gun laws

And this can make things very confusing when there's a shooting in public.
But there is another side to the debate. Students for Concealed Carry argue that concealed carry would actually increase
In the weeks following the unspeakable gun violence in Charleston, there was one public voice notably absent, namely, the NRA. This time America's "oldest civil rights organization" kept their collectives mouths shut. Well, almost all of them did.
Passage by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives is expected on Sunday and would send it on to Republican Governor
There may have been more than 100 bikers at Twin Peaks, all of whom believed they were 'good guys' who needed to carry guns in case a 'bad guy' from another gang was also armed.
"Make no mistake: Whether it's guns on campus, lowering or eliminating permitting requirements for concealed carry, or pushing
"It's less about intimidation than re-sensitizing people to something that should be customary," he said. "This is not North
Argyle Independent School District voted in January to allow some staff members to carry guns after they underwent firearm
Open Carry Texas claims its rallies are part of a grassroots effort to legalize the open carry of handguns in the state. The
On Saturday, members of an Open Carry Texas affiliate in Fort Worth assembled at a Home Depot, Forbes reported. A spokesman
Yet lawmakers and gun-rights advocates reject these arguments. The bill, SB 354, would make Texas the second state after
There's a call to arms in Texas. Or at least a call to let Texans carry their guns -- whether concealed or out in the open