Texas Hill Country

Think smoked turkey and pork belly on Texas Toast
Upon going home and doing some research, I learned that the minimalist artist Donald Judd fled the New York art scene for Marfa back in the '70s, and slowly established it as an arts destination that was now enjoying serious notoriety. But as a Texan myself, I had not gotten the memo.
This West Texas town is the only one East coasters seem to know about. But despite its status as a new epicenter of the art
CR: My appetite to make art that addresses the public -- and public issues -- has increased. I look forward to the next opportunity
Harmonium Mountain (still from video) Clifford Ross taking the initial photos of Texas Hill Country. These photographs were
I am always looking for vacation destinations that emphasize wellness, healthy living and serenity. If you are in need of a late-summer or fall getaway idea, check out my top five favorite places to unwind and renew.
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Young kids haven't quite learned to eye-roll. In most cases, mommy and daddy are still heroes, so you might as well capitalize on that while you can. Go on: Impart your worldly wisdom, share your interests and infect your kids with the travel bug before it's too late!
Whether you call it leaf peeping, foliage following or just "spending a day outside," enjoying fall's colors is one of the simplest joys of this wonderful time of year. Whether you're practically a professional leaf-peeper or just a casual enthusiast, you'll need to know where to take in the season's splendor. Of course, there's much more to autumn than looking at leaves.
Nothing provides relief from the blazing heat quite like jumping into a cool, clear, spring-fed swimming hole.
It was April, and the eagles had already migrated North though a few condors circled overhead.
Maybe that's what miracles are. Something grabs you up by the roots and transplants you somewhere new. And after the shock wears off, you get another surprise. You find that you're thriving there.