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A letter from the state cited the controversial Planned Parenthood sting videos.
“We think the money is far better spent on the numerous alternative providers that are available throughout Texas,” Pojman
"I believe the sole purpose is to ensure that Planned Parenthood clinics don't receive any funding," she said. "The problem
Over the last several years, largely faith-based crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) have received tens of millions of dollars
The clinic’s disassociation with Planned Parenthood comes at time when lawmakers are looking for ways to fill the gaps in
Over the past few months, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has prodded several states to "think Texas" when it comes to job creation
"We also recognize the need to further inform the public of the mission of this great organization and the need to support
When the Federal government offered Texas billions to insure 1.5 million impoverished Texans, Republicans did the only honorable thing: They refused it. Come on people, do you think insurance is going to help you when radioactive spiders are burrowing into your cerebrum? No.
“Ensuring Texas women have access to the care they need to stay healthy, especially women in rural and underserved areas
As thousands supporters and opponents of the legislation descended on Austin on Monday, Texas Republicans scheduled a House
Dr. John Santelli, a pediatrician and professor at Columbia University's School of Public Health, told reporters in a conference
The bill was approved Tuesday by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee in a 5-2 vote. State Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville
In the past two years, Texas legislators slashed funds for family planning and passed up $30 million a year in federal Medicaid
If Perry's claim is correct, and God is strong where he is weak, unfortunately, I feel like I'm left with no other choice... So, Rick Perry's Interpretation Of God, I'd really appreciate it if you could help Texas out in a few areas in which the governor has proven himself to be considerably weak.
Since 2010, nine states have tried to strip funding from their local Planned Parenthood chapters. Not three years later, almost
A district judge ruled on Monday that Texas can legally cut Planned Parenthood out of its new state-funded health program
Noting the irony, Gonzalez sighed and moved along to the next entry listed. “I really doubt many of these women, working
Many clinics are also keeping shorter hours and having to charge women more for certain services, such as contraception, well
No one among us can change the politics or the politicians in Texas in time to avert this politically motivated, disastrous misjudgment. However, we can change the tide.