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A letter from the state cited the controversial Planned Parenthood sting videos.
In an effort to boot Planned Parenthood from the cancer program, lawmakers wrote a provision into the state budget to prohibit
“I don’t think it is appropriate to continue to fund the Women’s Health Program so that we can make some type of a political
The anti-abortion group 40 Days for Life, a Christian nonprofit that works to end abortions worldwide through 40-day prayer
Disclosure: Planned Parenthood was a corporate sponsor of The Texas Tribune in 2011. A complete list of Texas Tribune donors
Watch Feazell's comments above. To view the full HuffPost Live segment, click here. Over the past few months, Texas Gov. Rick
"We are thrilled that this generous gift will enable us to continue providing basic, preventive health care to our patients
When the Federal government offered Texas billions to insure 1.5 million impoverished Texans, Republicans did the only honorable thing: They refused it. Come on people, do you think insurance is going to help you when radioactive spiders are burrowing into your cerebrum? No.
The law's Republican backers argued that it protects women's health and safety by requiring abortion clinics to become, in