texas plant explosion

The world witnessed two of the most devastating workplace disasters in recent memory this month, as the explosion of a fertilizer
Democrats in the new survey were the most likely to say that current regulations are not strict enough, with 63 percent saying
"No one I have spoken with in the community of West are after the family themselves," he said. "They really do like them
“It was pitch-black. You think you’re dead,” he said. “And then that mushroom sucked all the darkness back into the cloud
Investigators have descended on West, Texas, to assess the company's role in the disaster, which raises another common gripe
A first look at some of the devastation: The shockwave felt by a father and son who thought they were far enough away: After
Though explosions at fertilizer plants are rather uncommon -- there have been 17 unintended blasts that resulted in casualties
West Texas fertilizer plant explosion caught on video
Explosion at Texas fertilizer plant caught on camera