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Texas Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri lamented the adoption of language supporting gay conversion "therapy" to
Republicans dominate politics in Texas, a state with a $1.4 trillion yearly economy, and the party's candidates are the favorites
Conservative candidate Lisa Fritsch, who unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination for governor, also lamented during
"This would serve as further verification that Texas Republican primary voters have moved further to the right and embraced
Both Cruz and his father, Rafael, publicly supported Pierson over Sessions. Back in early January, Rafael Cruz gave Pierson
Speaking at a dinner hosted by the Harris County Republican Party in Houston, Texas on Saturday, Paul warned that the Lone
By Jim Forsyth "Just as the judicial branch protected the fundamental right to marry and established that discriminatory
Don't underestimate the powerful asset of enthusiasm and excitement among those who believe in Davis, and don't underestimate Davis's second-best asset: the suicide strategies of the crazy-wing friends of Cruz.
Nearly one year removed from its decision to endorse Ted Cruz, the Houston Chronicle reflected back on that choice in a Tuesday