texas same sex marriage

The bill, called the "Preservation of Sovereignty and Marriage Act," would block clerk's offices in the state's 254 counties
Katherine Franke, a professor at Columbia Law School and the director of the Center for Gender & Sexuality Law, described
"If he wants to sue a woman who has ovarian cancer to try to take away her marriage license, so be it. His continuing meanness
According to the American-Statesman, Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant were granted a court order for medical reasons: Goodfriend
The Texas attorney general cannot appeal the ruling because he is not a party in the case, and the siblings of the deceased
Last week, the Supreme Court cleared the way for South Carolina to become the 35th U.S. state where gay marriage is legal
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Same-sex marriages are not recognized in Texas, and marriage equality advocates face a steep uphill battle in the state. A
I have hope for our future. My generation is one of tolerance and acceptance. Make way for the new era.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) vowed to keep fighting after his state's ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional. Garcia
Garcia isn't the first federal judge to use Scalia's words to undermine a state's defense of a gay marriage ban. In Utah
UPDATE: 4:36 p.m. ET -- Patrick soon revised his comments: Texas state Sen. Dan Patrick, a vocal gay marriage opponent who
Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage has been deemed unconstitutional.
"Without a rational relation to a legitimate governmental purpose, state-imposed inequality can find no refuge in our United
Massachusetts led the way in legalizing gay marriage by becoming the first state to do so in 2003. A year ago, only six states