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As the school year began last Monday, Houston's new Arabic Immersion Magnet School saw the first day marked by discriminatory, xenophobic protests. The protestors' claims conflate language and religion, implying that the Arabic language cannot be separated from the religion of Islam.
This school funding case has been going on for years and there is no end in sight.
Barr, however, feels that the way missed days are categorized is important. "My son wasn't given detention or otherwise punished
Thomas Ratliff, another Republican board member, noted that the board can't do much about the Texas curriculum standards
Only institutionalized racism can explain how 50 years after The Civil Rights act was signed, Texas Hispanic youth do not have equal access to culturally relevant courses.
Weighing which textbooks to approve, the board has been holding public hearings and review committees for months. There had
In Texas, the State Board of Education will recommend new textbooks for all its students -- and because it has such a large population, what they decide could determine what students in other states learn about science. There are several ideologues submitting textbook critiques to the board and their reviews will factor into each book's overall score and likelihood of being approved by the school board. These ideologues could block the use of textbooks that teach the reality of climate change for the whole country's public school students. Climate science is being attacked by deniers who want to sow seeds of doubt as we try to educate our children about how our way of life -- including our fossil fuel habit -- is affecting God's earth through climate change. Children, the ones who will most be affected by climate change, are the ones who most need to how to combat it.
Josh Rosenau, the programs and policy director at the National Center for Science Education, also declared the publishers
Still, Rosenau said this week that if he was a textbook publisher, “I would rather be on an approved list, all else being
Latinos now comprise more than 50 percent of students in the Texas public schools. Newly released statistics by the Texas
Convicted students can be handcuffed and imprisoned. Their parents can be charged, and often miss work days to attend court
Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) signed a law Monday that significantly decreases the number of state tests students are required
The right for school officials to discuss a student's sexual orientation with parents is an issue that was recently presented
Furthermore, activists complained about the fact that many lesson plans were not available to the public, although the Associated
“I want to see a teacher stand up and interact with the students, get involved, discuss, talk, question and dig deep into
While there are some concerns about the cost of the cameras -- for which school districts would be required to pay -- there
However, the initiative to reduce standardized testing in Texas is not without its critics. “One of the great benefits of
Hispanics have passed whites as the largest ethnic group in Texas schools, making up almost 51 percent of public school enrollment
Of the three primary arguments about public schools under way in Austin, two are relatively easy for lawmakers to sell to
My state has always been a larger than life, much caricatured place, and most Texans take it all in good humor. Texas' problem, though, is that over the last decade, the state and its leaders have taken a dark turn. Texas has been pulled so far to the right that reasonable voices are seldom heard.