texas secession

“I definitely feel I do have God in my corner.” -- Chuck Norris Ted Cruz has been a U.S. senator for less than a year, but
"Every bill we've heard about here is either anti-abortion laws or anti-Mexican laws. These are not laws that are geared
Well, it's that time of year, Texas. Time for us to have the secession talk again.
A Republican candidate for Texas attorney general says the Lone Star State's energy production practices have helped position
A Western Pennsylvania conservative group hung an American flag upside down on Monday in protest of President Barack Obama's
More than 100,000 people who signed an online petition calling on the Obama administration to allow Texas to secede from
It was designed to unify. A star for each colony, showing our freedom from Great Britain. The American Flag was designed
Anybody signing a secession petition should be deeply ashamed. The petition soils the memory of those who fought this battle before.
In the weeks since President Obama's re-election, Republicans around the country have been wondering how to proceed. Some
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] As of this writing, the petition still needed 24,629 signatures