Texas Tech University

The suspect was later taken into custody.
Susan B. Anthony’s immortal words, “Failure is Impossible,” carried the suffrage movement to success with passage of the
Teachers have the power to change their students’ lives. Think about it: whether it was helping you master a difficult topic
"All of us respect wise stewardship when it comes to being in charge of something."
CORRECTION: This article previously stated the fraternity was removed from campus in 2005 due to an alcohol-related death
“We are deeply concerned by the images provided from the alleged event," Sean Wagner, associate executive vice president
I have dealt with the South and southern politics in previous posts; so we are not going to break major new ground here. But I think it is worthwhile to update what some of today's experts are saying about the South and its role in American democracy and history.
Is race still the driver of Southern politics? A leading scholar of contemporary politics supplied his answers in a recent conference of Southern specialists.
While the term might sound benign, free speech zones are used by our colleges and universities, our cities and towns, and