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Downtown Los Angeles Angelenos have long snubbed their compact urban center in favor of sprawling, palm tree-studded enclaves
9. We make some mean kolaches. Or at least we buy some mean kolaches. 6. The longest part of any road trip is just getting
Yes, everyone knows Cannes and Sundance. The behemoths of the film-fest world aren't exactly accessible for most of us, though, and they don't always showcase the freshest material. Here's where to go to see film's bright up-and-comers, for a lot cheaper than the French Riviera.
Even if you weren't around to remember the Alamo, you've likely heard the expression, "everything is bigger in Texas!" This proud state wears its rich heritage, thriving arts scene and distinctive local culture like a well-earned badge of honor.
(Flickr/gsloan) 2. There is -- or has been at one time -- a bottle of Whataburger ketchup in your fridge. 15. South Padre
As a sometime travel writer, one of the least favorite places I've visited was Dallas, Texas. Dallas, in my mind, has always been associated with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
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With summer upon us let's face it the travel bug has likely gotten the best of you, right? No worries, since there's a place down south in Texas that has just the cure for warm weather fever and good fun.
There's not a fancy spa within the park's boundary and you won't run into massive tour buses clogging the roads; it's a park for those who want to get off the paved path and explore.
Texas native Stephen Orr takes the road less traveled on a drive through the Lone Star State's wild western borderlands.
Crisp weather and harvest season make for plenty of idyllic fall festivals -- but autumnal celebrations need not focus on pumpkins, cider and hayrides alone. Here's where to go for some unconventional fun this fall.
Because September is National Yoga Awareness Month, hotels are offering up deals to help first-time yoga practitioners get their downward dog just right.
This Texas "food park" is one you'll want to visit.
I came to you as a young woman yearning for excitement, eager to be seduced by your weird ways. I was attracted to your friendly vibe, the ease of living, the vital spirit I could find everywhere in your borders.
Towns don't come together over updated mechanical systems and the methodical re-pointing of bricks. Towns join hands because of people, passion and their shared experiences with places.
One time, I missed you so much that I made a dinner, to honor you, for my newfound friends and made the signature flavors that reminded me so much of your perfume.
To drink a beer anywhere is the god-given right of all Austinites. Take a sip at your video store, your dry cleaners or your barber shop.