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“The new voter ID laws are ridiculous,” said Lauw, who said she has been politically active her whole life. Though she once
The law has been the subject of an extensive legal battle, with a federal court finding it unconstitutional earlier this
A federal appeals court on Tuesday put on hold a ruling striking down a controversial Texas voter ID law, based “primarily” on the approaching election.
"While the Supreme Court has not explained its reasons for issuing these stays, the common thread is clearly that the decision
Texans head to the polls Tuesday for a handful of primary runoff elections, including one that could elevate a woman who compares President Barack Obama to Hitler.
On March 4, no candidate secured a majority of the vote in the election for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in
Read Perry's full statement below: Gov. Rick Perry (R) criticized a decision by the Obama administration to pursue legal
Yes, we've come a long way since 1965. But voter rights have taken steps backward in progress over the past few elections, and it cannot be allowed to continue.
Rosa is running in the largely Democratic 20th District of Texas, which includes parts of San Antonio. The seat is up for
After the purge led to thousands of people receiving letters asking them to prove they were alive, four Texas voters filed
"It was a little puzzling - I'm 42 years old," said Dylan Wood, one of the four voters suing state and local officials. "I
Because of its sheer size, Texas has the ability to change the direction of the country. Despite the current Tea Party stranglehold and lackluster Democrats, that change is more and more likely to trend progressive.