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The campaign of state senator and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (D) on Friday rushed to defend a controversial ad attacking her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott (R), after the ad received near-unanimous condemnation from Republicans and
A male politician who is also a father gets to be, first and foremost, a male politician. But a female politician who is also a mother? It's completely different.
Something intangible (magic?) happened in Texas over the course of the past week, and it reached far beyond the borders of the Lone Star State. Twitter did what media organizations would not to do, not what they could not do.
For good measure, here is a photo of the shoes being worn by Wendy Davis: This woman quite obviously supports a women's right
Despite a long day of filibustering, Davis was upbeat when she greeted the crowd of supporters, who applauded the senator
Democrats continuted to squabble with Dewhurst over procedural rules after Davis stopped speaking on Tuesday night, hoping
Davis has since become somewhat of a star in the Texas Democratic Party. On Tuesday she singlehandedly tried to filibuster