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To the extent that we are mirrored, encouraged and acknowledged for our achievements and our creative pursuits, we are unified within ourselves. To the degree that we are perceived through a distorted mirror, we are torn asunder and may search for approval at a cost to our real self and creativity.
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In virtual reality, it is an industry maxim that we design engaging, enjoyable experiences and promote user agency through
What happened in Orlando this week is a human tragedy, an attack on all small communities and their membership to them. Nobody is exempt from being vulnerable to this type of killing. It could have been any of us.
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Like the physician's circumstance, Manfred Menz's Art Malpractice is also fleeting, fallacious, judgmental, difficult -- and long. Its current iteration opening this May in LA comprises works first executed between 1992-95, augmented by new, related works from 2015 and 2016.
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Americans aren't the only ones embracing hyperbole, fragments and 😂.
"What are they doing? Wait, no, I don't want to know! Do I?"
Picture this: A family vacation in the Caribbean. Powder white sand, turquoise waves. Eraina Reed’s son plays in the surf
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And now can you please go away?
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Because it's not my responsibility to maneuver to one side of the street, often against a building or the pavement, when you are about to run into me, nor to tell you to "look out" to avoid a collision. You are not five.