text neck

Spending a lot of time looking down at a phone could have lasting effects on your skin.
Move over, stiff neck; there's a new spinal problem to reckon with. Doctors are seeing some patients with "text neck"--pain caused by inclining one's head for long periods of time while staring at a smartphone, thus putting extra stress on the spine.
All that time you spend with your head bent over your iPhone could permanently mess with your posture and contribute to lower back problems and neck pain. If that wasn't enough, you've got some premature neck creases and a slacking jawline to look forward to.
It hurts to do my job, lift my daughter, carry grocery bags, or make it through the day without popping Advils. The message my body is sending is clear: Stop typing, tapping and scrolling, now.
Our shiny new gadgets (and one teen wizard) are proving once again that human beings are really easily breakable. From "Text