A 2011 Pew research poll found that nearly 48 percent of Americans still believe the Civil War was a fight over “states rights.”
“This is revisionist history -- retelling the story however the winners would like it told.”
The book, Skills in English Writing - Level 1, was written by Terry Phillips and published by Garnet Education, a leading
What meat-eating (or coffee-drinking for that matter) allegedly does to our character, as the book seems to say, is all a red herring. The only thing vegetarianism asks us philosophically is: Are you okay that something died?
How can we continue to justify the costs of textbooks in an era when "free" is the name of the game, when a simple Google search yields a gaggle of information previously reserved for an elite, doctoral few?
Probably none of us have gone through high school or college without some relationship to that 20th century artifact of learning called the textbook. Today's students are not experiencing the same thing.
As the Virginian-Pilot reports, one college professor who reviewed the revised edition this summer, George Mason University's
It's just a textbook, but it packs quite a financial punch. "This book costs $187," she wrote. "That is more than $1/page
The publisher of textbooks found to contain dozens of errors has announced that it will replace thousands of copies of the
Among the mistakes: the claim that 12 states joined the Confederacy, not 11, and that 6,000 soldiers died during the Battle
A Macomb County family is suing its school district for discrimination over a classroom reading of a racial epithet in a
Technology and innovation have provided some options that can be used to save money on textbooks. For the fiscally savvy student, these options deserve consideration.
Looking for a bargain on those expensive college textbooks? How does free sound? A new state initiative called Orange Grove