How does our failure to teach about slavery’s brutal legacy affect our ability to solve the issues facing our country today?
The passage from History Alive! also incorrectly paints the Panthers as anti-white, erasing their important work building
I can sympathize with the sentiment. The sad secret known to quantitative researchers is that most programs don't make any
First, let's put it plain and simple: online access codes are the new face of the textbook monopoly. In one swoop, the publishers
Recently, some colleagues and I were speaking with some superintendents about how they use evidence to select educational
In May, the Portland, Oregon school board passed the country's first comprehensive "climate justice" resolution. The school board voted unanimously to "abandon the use of any adopted text material that is found to express doubt about the severity of the climate crisis or its root in human activities," and called for all schools to teach a "climate justice" curriculum.
There remains an enormous gulf between the severity of the climate crisis and the attention given the crisis in U.S. schools and in widely used text material.
Graduation has come and gone. Now it's time to look forward to back to school season. Sometimes exciting, sometimes overwhelming. Especially when it comes to spending money.
I ask: "Why don't we ever learn about the Civil Rights Movement after 1965?" I don't expect them to answer this right then
Another text used with almost all Portland high school students is Holt McDougal's Modern World History, which includes a
In putting together a new framework for the state's history and social sciences curriculum, the Instructional Quality Commission of California's Department of Education has received nearly 500 pages of comments and suggestions on how to best write textbooks for K-12 students.
The SAFG, and submissions endorsing their edits, are motivated by ideology and ignorance in insisting on erasing India and linking Hindu scripture with caste-based discrimination. And as the social media posts above show, rather than increasing understanding, they normalize Hinduphobia.
The debate over how India is to appear in California textbooks has to be seen against the backdrop, not only of Indian political action committees, of what is emerging as a pattern of influence exerted by Hindu nationalist groups here in the U.S. upon U.S. education.
If you are a teacher, school official, or perhaps even a student or parent in California, you have probably heard about the controversy that has raged for a decade about how India and Hinduism are depicted in California's History lessons.
Every day shouldn't be prom night. If it was, I wouldn't be writing this blog post. I think everyone should know financial
The smell of old books is among the reasons students say they aren't going digital.
The tool is a lot of fun to play around with -- you can search by college or university, by state, or by academic field. Or