texting and driving

Ben Lieberman created the breathalyzer of texting, or “textalyzer,” following his son’s death in a car crash caused by distracted driving.
Apple has been sued because a driver, using her I-phone 5 to text, caused a horrific crash. Meador, et al v. s Apple Inc
Despite the fact that lawbreakers are seldom arrested or fined, drivers who text and drive, rarely admit about their potentially
16-18: 31 % 19-24: 42 % 25-29: 45% If you answered "True" you would be with the majority of teens and adults that I have
New Proposed Laws However, convincing a driver to hand over a mobile device can be tricky without laws permitting police
Because it's not my responsibility to maneuver to one side of the street, often against a building or the pavement, when you are about to run into me, nor to tell you to "look out" to avoid a collision. You are not five.
Yep, these lil' protective coverings for your thumbs remind others not to text behind the wheel. Here's how 11 DoSomething.org members got super creative while keeping their friends super safe.
The politeness that would make a real difference in my life, and I suspect a lot of people's, wouldn't come via the USPS or through the other Buzzfeed suggestions. It would be on the road.
"This was certainly done in a way that was meant to be fun and not to be a directive of the university," Bambrough explained
Some new cars come loaded with high-tech safety features. But if you're not in the market for a vehicle, there are simpler ways to protect yourself from distracted driving
"Why this driver had a cell phone is an issue that I intend to address when we file our lawsuits," Isaacs said. "Why there
While the discussion surrounding underage drinking and driving has been around for some time, the growing discussion about distracted driving, specifically related to cell phone usage while operating a vehicle, has highlighted many concerns about teen driving statistics and the risks they pose to both themselves and those around them.
Through his research, Greenfield said a vast majority of people not only admit to checking their cell phones while driving
Number of motor vehicle crashes in 2013 that involved texting. How much using a cellphone while driving increases the risk
A Tennessee bus driver tasked with safely transporting children on their way home from school pulled out his phone and began
According to AAA, teen drivers have the highest crash rate of any age group in the U.S. “About 963,000 drivers age 16-19
For example, digital devices "hijack" the prefrontal cortex of the brain, an area that scientists believe mediates decision
People completely distort the neurological data that clearly show that it's impossible to drive safely while you're texting