texting while driving

The driver in Washington state was pulled off on a road's shoulder -- spots supposed to be used only for emergencies.
“You can’t make this up…” police in Eagan, Minnesota, wrote on Facebook.
Not wearing seat belts Image Source "Seat belts are a life saver," says Merry Fountain a car accident attorney. She says
But we have survived. Life does go on and we laugh and enjoy life. We think of Casey today more often with smiles than with
July 17th will be the 7th anniversary of my 21 year-old daughter Casey's death. She was killed by a distracted driver. In the days, weeks and months following Casey's death I wondered whether her short life would be remembered.
July and August are two of the deadliest months, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), with more car crashes and vehicular-related deaths and injuries than any other months. But why is summer driving so dangerous?
Even distracted drivers have a "sixth sense" that reduces danger -- but it doesn't work when you text.
When you are in the car and receive a text, there can be an overwhelming urge to answer it. We spend every day glued to our smartphones, so the urge to read and answer is strong.
Christal McGee, 18 years old, was driving 107 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. She was using the speed filter trying to gain
What is different about the "Snapchat distracted driving lawsuit?"  It is because not only was the distracted driver sued, but also Snapchat, the manufacturer of the app the driver was using at the time of the crash. 
16-18: 31 % 19-24: 42 % 25-29: 45% If you answered "True" you would be with the majority of teens and adults that I have
Liz Marks was behind the wheel when she looked down at a text for just a second. It nearly cost her everything.