The Peter Strzok testimony went off the rails, but it gave Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel a good laugh.
Too many of us have become seduced by the relationship control we now have. We choose selective exclusion - living, working
Replace "You should..." with "I'd like it if you..." Avoid unnecessary conflict and get more of what you desire. Find more
Verizon Wireless was able to produce the text records surrounding the April 2016 Basalt Town election, albeit without the
From Shakespeare to TV sitcoms, the idea of pretending to be someone you're not never gets old. In the online world, there's a name for it -- "catfishing" -- and it's common enough to have inspired a movie and a TV show.
Glorified be the One who made His servant journey from the sanctified sanctuary to the furthermost sanctuary which We have
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Your A-Z guide to the anxiety-ridden language of texting.
The findings suggest that text message-based programs could help improve sleep habits among smokers, which may in turn help them become smoke-free.
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Jean-Michel Basquiat passed at the tender age of 27 years young, yet his body of works isn't just someone's brilliant idea to fabricate the young artist's thoughtful 'scribbles' into some artistic sense of expression.
"Friends can download content you share, but only if you approve," Balassanian continued. "Screenshots are detected and users
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Look below to find out, in this delightful meeting of technologies old and new. If only these walls -- or the paintings on
My assumption had been that when children use incorrectly spelled words, poor grammar, change the way words look in print, and substitute symbols and images (e.g. emoticons) to communicate, it will have a negative effect on their spelling, grammar, and reading and writing skills. Logical, don't you think?