Both traditions use prayer, gathering of family, and special foods to celebrate the miraculous providence of God to sustain a struggling community in a context of colonial oppression. Reflecting on how they differ may also help us overcome the ugly connotations of Thanksgiving.
Here is an eclectic collection of graces. Reverent and irreverent. All sustaining in moment, truth, and in praise. So please, enjoy. Eat well and eat in peace today and every day.
This week, the time devoted to giving thanks for all that we have became a little shorter, and the time devoted to accumulating more stuff grew longer, with the shopping orgy known as Black Friday (a name that seems more apt every year) getting started on Thanksgiving itself. At Macy's, the traditional parade balloons were followed by armed police watching as impatient shoppers, corralled within barricades, waited to get into the company's flagship store. Black Friday brought a slew of bargains coast to coast -- along with shootings, stabbings, various assaults and the trending hashtag #WalmartFights. How did a holiday meant to celebrate what's best in us come to be hijacked by a consumerist frenzy that increasingly showcases our worst impulses? Perhaps next year, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we can officially shoehorn in Reflection Sunday.
Thanksgiving is a all about loved ones, food and gratitude for life's blessings -- even for the biggest stars. From Sofía
With World AIDS Day following Thanksgiving so closely this year, let's be thankful ...
While you were basting your turkey and mashing your potatoes, your favorite celebrities were probably doing the exact same
When I first met my mother-in-law, it was at a birthday party she was throwing for her oldest daughter, then turning thirty, who later became my wife. I remember thinking that my future wife's mother was very smart, very determined, and very pretty.
Today we aren't working. I plan to relax after I make the stuffing, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, get the turkey in the oven, and clean the house. Maybe I should have worked today.
When you think of generic images of women on Thanksgiving you likely picture families eating dinner, watching football and
"That big-hearted generosity is a central part of our American character," Obama said. "We believe in lending a hand to folks
This Thanksgiving, in addition to the turkey and the stuffing, millions of Americans will also bring their gratitude to the
Here are a few reminders of what life was like before we had a screen to occupy us at our flimsiest whim. A photo like this
What gives? Our resident Daily Refried psychologist says it's a rather straightforward answer.
America's schools are already struggling to accommodate multicultural student populations with limited time and budgets, so as a public service, I provide the following easy-to-perform dual-purpose pageant for elementary schools.
I'm stuck. And I'm angry, because people around me, people I love, are dying, cancer taking them down like dominoes. How do I muster gratitude in the face of chemo?
As you all spend your Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones, I am being victimized by greed, the greed of those people who insist on denying me my TV and instead choose to stay at home and eat rather than scan my giant box and swipe my card.
What has been the Sikh and Muslim communities' fight for years was joined by Gap and CNN. What had been a lament in temples and at dinner tables for years made it to social and mainstream media on the eve of Thanksgiving.
Rustic farm tables make table cloths unnecessary: But when in doubt, go white: Or make it grand: And use lanterns to light
Dear God, I don't know why or how you made me gay, but however you did it, or whatever the reason, thank you. I know it's not a gift that you bestow on everyone, and I feel fortunate and grateful that I'm one of the lucky few.