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Here's the TSA's top travel tips just in time for the holidays.
If you're flying, the indignities of modern-day air travel, with its hub travel insanity, long lines, crowds and delays are all numbing. If you think your turkey-day air travel experience is unpleasant, let's pause to recall the most famous Thanksgiving air travel crime of all time.
Make the rest of your holiday season Rickless.
And by ASAP we mean 24 hours in advance. There are no perks to getting bumped when you're traveling on the busiest days of
Consider going big -- take your family and friends with you, or make a break for it with a private getaway -- and skip the Black Friday shopping this year in exchange for experiences with far greater returns.
(MORE: 10 Warm Destinations to Spend Christmas with the Family) McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago (Courtesy McDonald's
Although Thanksgiving travel is more expensive for all major U.S. destinations, the lowest premiums are found for West Coast destinations, along with Newark and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
By early afternoon, airlines had canceled more than 10 percent of their flights at Philadelphia, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia
Thanksgiving and the holidays: It's peak travel time, peak chow time, and, if you're like me and wanting to cling for a taste from home, peak traveling with chow time.
As everyone goes home to spend some time with the family on the cheapest price they can find, no one is going abroad. In fact, the international business travel sector suffers the most during this timeframe.
Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the busiest travel time of the year. This year, let's strive to not get yelled at by TSA officers and not get dirty looks from the people behind us! To get through security as quickly as possible, all you have to do is follow these tips.
Rule no. 1 of in-flight entertainment: Don't rely on the in-flight movie. While you're traveling for the holidays--whether it's to a tropical beach or your in-laws suburban house three states away--we recommend snagging a great read instead.