Consider going big -- take your family and friends with you, or make a break for it with a private getaway -- and skip the Black Friday shopping this year in exchange for experiences with far greater returns.
While the rest of the country endures cold weather, southwest Florida's Sanibel Island attracts beachcombers to its pristine sands, strewn with colorful seashells and sand dollars.
Whether it's one more story from Aunt Mildred or yet another plane, train or automobile ride, the holidays -- and all the traveling that accompanies them -- can be hard on your body. With a little extra planning, you can conquer the dreaded fatigue of the holiday travel season.
Let's not forget how a little can go a long way and consider the small ways we can keep holiday spirits high at every part of the journey.
Long lines, crowded planes and tired families can add up to a travel headache, and the holiday spirit is often the first to go when faced with delays and travel snafus. Although travel can be stressful, there are so many wonderful conveniences, technologies and thoughtful travelers that can make any trip, even one during the busiest travel season, smooth and easy.
Instead of just going online and searching for peak holiday weekend travel days, I'm sharing my insider tips for how you can make it home for the holidays, score a beach vacation and avoid those seasonal mark ups.
The worst part about the Thanksgiving travel season is that these days bring out what professional travelers call rookies, people who travel once or twice a year and have no clue about the procedures and tricks.
(Nov. 19) -- Crowded freeways, overbooked flights, security lines and missed connections make travel leading up to Thanksgiving
Car rides sing with "are we there yet"s. Siblings squabble over the window seat on the airplane. The leader of the pack takes
We're all so accustomed to having Internet access in so many place -- at home, at the office, at airports, at coffee shops