the 100

Kass Morgan writes about teens in a space colony, but her apocalyptic plot is part of a long, rich tradition.
But in that moment where Lexa was hit by a stray bullet and died in a careless fashion not deserved by any beloved character
It's interesting, the show The Real O'Neals had a kind of appropriate line recently where the character Kenny (Noah Galvan
To recap. Right on heels of her sleeping with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) -- a moment beautifully built up to by The 100 writers
Fans worldwide revolted. Their sense of betrayal and disappointment echoed in a massive LGBT fans deserve better campaign -- outcry that was tweeted close to 300,000 times in just a few hours. One fan wrote, "LGBT fans deserve better because after some time it starts being hard to see ourselves die/never get a happy ending."
Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is a powerhouse! Debnam-Carey may be seen as just a guest star, but her character Lexa
Johnny Whitworth made my job real easy because really, how does one write an intro for a guy who plays an un-named mysterious character on NBC's new series Blindspot?
"She's going to fall hard and fast very quickly."
Summer time television doesn't offer much scintillation beyond a barrage of reality shows. It's a time for viewers to hit Hulu and Netflix hard to find a show that'll keep them stimulated and on the edge of their couch cushions.
The main problem with the CW's The 100 is a reliance on blackrifice to advance the motivations of the white characters in the narrative.
When you point a finger at someone you are pointing one right back at yourself. Staying silent means that you're agreeing and accepting that these homophobic practices and this lack of progress is valid.
A few more bullet points before I head into my bunker: And let's get real: "The 100" has a better record than the HBO drama
We did a very similar thing way back in Episode 3 in Season 1 with Wells. We told that flashback story that was kind of redeeming
"Silicon Valley," HBO: The first few episodes of this show wowed me; it seemed to have a pitch-perfect take on the preposterous
The thing is, the people making "The 100" know exactly what this show is and every week, it becomes more clear that they
What's been the most fun about the second season so far? We're going to meet a character this year named Indra who's a very
It's not an easy task for an actor to transition between evening prime time and daytime television, yet Lindsey Morgan pulls it off without effort. Oh! Let's add the combination of beauty, humor and determination...
One of the things that I love about the show so much and was important to me from the beginning was this juxtaposition of