the 100

Kass Morgan writes about teens in a space colony, but her apocalyptic plot is part of a long, rich tradition.
It's interesting, the show The Real O'Neals had a kind of appropriate line recently where the character Kenny (Noah Galvan
To recap. Right on heels of her sleeping with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) -- a moment beautifully built up to by The 100 writers
Fans worldwide revolted. Their sense of betrayal and disappointment echoed in a massive LGBT fans deserve better campaign -- outcry that was tweeted close to 300,000 times in just a few hours. One fan wrote, "LGBT fans deserve better because after some time it starts being hard to see ourselves die/never get a happy ending."
Commander Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is a powerhouse! Debnam-Carey may be seen as just a guest star, but her character Lexa
Johnny Whitworth made my job real easy because really, how does one write an intro for a guy who plays an un-named mysterious character on NBC's new series Blindspot?
"She's going to fall hard and fast very quickly."
Summer time television doesn't offer much scintillation beyond a barrage of reality shows. It's a time for viewers to hit Hulu and Netflix hard to find a show that'll keep them stimulated and on the edge of their couch cushions.
The main problem with the CW's The 100 is a reliance on blackrifice to advance the motivations of the white characters in the narrative.