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"She's going to fall hard and fast very quickly."
Summer time television doesn't offer much scintillation beyond a barrage of reality shows. It's a time for viewers to hit Hulu and Netflix hard to find a show that'll keep them stimulated and on the edge of their couch cushions.
When you point a finger at someone you are pointing one right back at yourself. Staying silent means that you're agreeing and accepting that these homophobic practices and this lack of progress is valid.
A few more bullet points before I head into my bunker: And let's get real: "The 100" has a better record than the HBO drama
We did a very similar thing way back in Episode 3 in Season 1 with Wells. We told that flashback story that was kind of redeeming
The thing is, the people making "The 100" know exactly what this show is and every week, it becomes more clear that they
What's been the most fun about the second season so far? We're going to meet a character this year named Indra who's a very
One of the things that I love about the show so much and was important to me from the beginning was this juxtaposition of
He had a point. I explained that I was just trying to frame the show in a way that those who hadn't seen "The 100" would
Mid-season premieres are upon us. Cold War-based "The Assets" and crime-fighting "Killer Woman" are already in full swing