the 700 club

Televangelist also wants expanded background checks.
Donald Trump benefits from the black-and-white view that good is the opposite of bad in the battle for the limited resources of the world.
Before Fox News, there was Pat Robertson's '700 Club,' where I was an executive producer.
"When I'm looking for relationship advice, I always turn to televangelist and gay icon Pat Robertson," Colbert admitted when
But Robertson was convinced that the act was committed by those who 'hate' God, regardless of who their target is this time
Robertson blamed left-wing lawmakers for the harsh sanctions. "I became sort of a hero of the hippie culture, I guess, when
This isn't the first time complaints about the series have been lobbed against the film franchise, which is based on author
Robertson, 81, said recently that President Barack Obama has a Muslim "inclination" because of his upbringing in Indonesia
My obsession with dying, with the smoky, fiery hereafter, resonated throughout the whole of my life as a child.