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School funding and charter schools are on the ballot.
Newtok, Alaska’s tiny village school could be the country’s first forced to close by climate change.
At Pride School, students are safe, free and powerful.
“I was literally the only senior of color who was graduating (from college) as an education major.”
The lawsuit claims that a Texas school district systematically discriminates against students of color.
Witnesses say Trump was "tone-deaf" during the event.
Many of America’s biggest school districts have prioritized security officers over counselors. In Houston, that means there’s only one counselor for every 1,288 students.
“A lot of people have the mindset, ‘I’ll be fine. I can make myself stay awake. I’m invincible.’ But that’s not really true.”
Hint: It is not where they "sit together and worry about, oh woe is us."