The Affair

But the actress says there are strong female TV roles she'd like to pursue.
"I don’t think I wanted anything different than a 35-year-old man in my position would expect from his life.”
In an interview last summer, showrunner Sarah Treem put it this way: "A romantic relationship is like a triangle where both
While the marriages eventually broke up, Noah and Alison did not live happily ever after. In a series of turns that often
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The latest teaser makes its exclusive premiere on HuffPost.
A glimpse inside the upcoming season of Showtime's hit drama.
February is An Affair to Remember month. This makes perfect sense to me and other women of my generation who shed buckets of tears over this movie. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. A beautiful theme song that also makes me cry. So romantic. So tragic. Spoiler alert: Such a happy ending.
The Affair, which wraps up its second season Sunday at 10 p.m., launched with four splendid actors and the tacit expectation that it was going to offer a raw, edgy, honest, perhaps even different look at the impact of an affair on the lives of the two couples ensnared in its web.
In recent episodes, the show is painting a realistic picture of what often happens when a relationship begins while one or both people are married and cheating -- the spouse having no idea anything is wrong with the marriage.
The second season of Showtime's drama The Affair has arrived. Having seen previews of a month of episodes, I plan to keep watching.
Research compiled by the Kinsey Institute backs her up. Approximately 20-25 percent of men and 10-15 percent of women have
The Affair Season 2 Premiere, Full Frontal Nude Scene (NSFW)