the amazing spider-man 2

Film insiders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may have given Best Picture honors to Birdman, but moviegoers in the new Moviegoers Best Blockbuster Film Awards gave top honors to Interstellar!
When Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" premiered in May, the resounding reception focused on the movie's bloated plot lines
Summer movie season is here, our favorite time of the year! For this week's show, we fly Sean-less, but Brian and I still have lots to chat about, including Jon Favreau's return to his indie writing/directing roots with the cooking dramady, Chef.
"There are broad strokes of the story that we have worked out from beforehand," Webb said of what to expect from the third
Imitation is supposed to be the biggest form of flattery, sure, but in this case, it's just embarrassing for Hollywood.
To be perfectly blunt about it, big studio blockbuster releases typically don't fail as spectacularly as The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
How important was it to keep Gwen from becoming a damsel in distress? In this film, she has a real ownership of her fate
It feels at times like two separate movies awkwardly scotch-taped together, which has me a bit worried about Sony's big mega-franchise plans. But as far as this entry goes, despite its flaws, I left the theater feeling satisfied. Not amazed, but satisfied.
Not bad, Andrew. The theme to the old Saturday morning cartoon has been covered before, notably by Michael Bublé, Aerosmith
You had previously talked about wanting to embrace "spectacle" for this film as opposed to what you did on "The Amazing Spider
Yes, yes, I know -- spidermanspidermanspidermanspiderman. I'll get to it. But my favorite movies of the week, as usual, are the small ones. Let's start with Amma Asante's Belle, a Jane Austen-ish film based on a true story.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not only one of Hollywood's most adorable couples, but they also have the sort of relationship where they can call each other on their bullshit. And that's exactly what Stone did when Garfield made a misguided comment about femininity.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are not only one of Hollywood's most adorable couples, but they also have the sort of relationship
That thing everyone thinks is going to happen in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" might actually happen in "The Amazing Spider
Appearing alongside Stone and Garfield were co-stars Jamie Foxx and Dane DeHaan. Emma Stone may be playing Gwen Stacy in
Stone and Garfield were joined by co-star Jamie Foxx, who decided to get in on the fun and make the couple squirm in their
Gerry Conway has embarked upon an intense and heartfelt Twitter campaign, requesting an invitation to the premiere of "The
"We were looking for just the right song to close out the film -- a song that would be upbeat and exciting, but also contain
"Did you focus group it? How did you actually get it right?" the interviewer continued. "It takes a lot of consideration