the american dream

Do you ever wonder how businesses used to effectively market themselves before the internet was a thing? This day and age
"The circumstances of one's birth have what seems to be a larger and larger role in determining one's economic well-being
And calls out the "Kim Kardashian phenomenon."
There is this desperate wish from people abroad, people who genuinely love America, to change the system of this nation to
Only after living in South Africa have I been able to truly humanize my understanding of America's, and therefore my own, discrimination. For the first time, I see the greatness of the American dream clearly: deflated by moral contradiction.
My Facebook feed is full of people who have the most awesome jobs they have ever worked, who eat at the most amazing brunch spots ever to wield spatulas and pour pancake batter and who experience exhilaration and inspiration everyday. It's all faux-inspirational quotes and self-aggrandizement.
The protests for "Ferguson" and Staten Island have not been about single incidents of one black man getting killed by one (white) police officer. They are about institutional racism in the United States, and about excessive use of police force that ends only in its most visible and extreme form.
I will always tell them that Fitzgerald's novel is a poem disguised as a novel. Much of the novel should be treated more as poetry with its own sets of rules and less like a novel.
Once upon a time a truly great country existed -- this nation was by far the greatest land in the whole wide world -- its laws promised liberty, freedom and justice for all.
With the housing crash and crippling student debt, millennials around the world are redefining The American Dream. One where a person finds their calling in life to create the most epic legacy -- one that creates a better tomorrow and has an incredible impact in the world.