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Donald Trump promises to make American manufacturing great again. Yet all of his policies would do just the opposite. America
Trump had no intention of delivering for American workers, except at the level of rhetoric. His actual policies are viciously anti-labor.
Altogether now, will the far left play into Steve Bannon’s hands?
By Adele M. Stan This article originally appeared at The American Prospect. Subscribe here. If there were ever a doubt that
Last week’s mass cyber-attack could produce the wrong lessons. The immediate takeaway seems to be that large institutions
Yes, this Friday REALLY IS Black Friday. It keeps happening. I forget, as I am distracted with work, etc., and then boom
The past 25 years have produced stunning gains for the politics of inclusion. Despite continuing police brutality and persistent glass ceilings, this is a more accepting nation. All of these gains were the fruits of popular struggle, which has to give one some hope that inequality is at last breaking through as a top-tier political issue.
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If true believers in pro-market solutions conclude that their theories failed because public schools are beyond reform, privatization could be the next big solution that exacerbates of educational problems.
For the last 50 years, the political dialog between the Western Left and Right has not been about a choice between market democracies and some other archetypal system. The debate has been, and remains, over democracy's span of control -- its size, function, and funding.
Founded in 1990 by Robert Kuttner, Paul Starr and Robert Reich, the Prospect has long focused on covering policy rather than
They are not the sorts of jobs that cultivate the talents of sensitive writers and introspective thinkers. In many cases, they burn young writers out, or turn them away from the profession completely.
The good news: The American Prospect, which has sought financial donations to keep it afloat, has met its $200,000 goal. The
In a fundraising letter posted late Monday, the Prospect's editors and board members said they'd already been working behind