The Americans

KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin had often said that the fall of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical disaster of the 20th
If you claim to tolerate everyone, embracing them wholeheartedly, then what do you do about intolerance, the person who espouses hatred?
There is less than a month left in the high school year and in many states students in American history classes are busy
Since none of Joe Weisberg’s earliest concerns about The Americans turned out to be a problem, he sees no point in worrying
Facebook comments are closed on this article. And I remember in 1980 being at the Campaign for Economic Democracy steering
The presidential primary season may be over and done with, but people are getting in their political fix anyway they can--even if that means byway of fictional political television shows.
As the son of a Russian spy who helped pass secrets from the Manhattan Project, I have more than an academic interest in the critically-acclaimed television show "The Americans" (on the FX network).
It's "The Americans" co-stars' first child together.
For the last quarter century, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, with its dozens of art galleries and art-related businesses, has been a major cultural attraction for art aficionados from all over Los Angeles.
I hope, as fans begin the current season, they go beyond the often appealing personalities of the Elizabeth, Philip and Stan and consider the larger historical context of the Cold War.
What do you have when you take two KGB agents, trained as shadowy assassins, groomed to blend in with American suburbia, and drop them into Reagan-era Washington D.C.?
That feels like a lot to ask. But it's also true that any time The Americans has seemed like it could spring a leak so far