The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The actor spoke out after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution accused the film of being "defamatory" in depicting reporter Kathy Scruggs as offering sex to sources.
Warner Bros. said it will defend against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s claims that the film is "defamatory" for portraying its former journalist as offering sex to sources.
Immigration officials say the 26-year-old artist, legally named Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, is from the U.K. and not from Atlanta.
The singer reportedly owes more than $31,000.
Gentrification and frustration with the outgoing mayor have put the city in play for independent Mary Norwood.
"If that’s representative of what people in south Georgia think, then yikes,” says the former state representative.
Ludacris approved of their version of one of his songs after the clashes in Charlottesville.
He also is heard threatening to shoot her as she struggles on the ground.
Total spending in the Georgia race for all candidates has topped $56 million.
Republican Michael Williams spoke at the "March Against Sharia" rally in Atlanta.
The city becomes the 27th in the U.S. to pledge to go totally green.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where both officers appeared to act without justification," D.A. says.