The Atlantic

The former attorney general spoke to The Atlantic about his tense final few months working for the Trump administration.
Speaking with The Atlantic, Anthony Fauci described the Trump White House as a "surrealistic experience" run by a man who was "not interested in the outbreak."
Violent J told HuffPost that an Atlantic piece comparing Juggalos to Donald Trump and his supporters needed better fact-checking.
The Michigan governor, who was the target of a failed kidnapping plot by a far-right militia group, wrote in The Atlantic that Americans "deserve better.”
Trump "likes authoritarian strongmen," so he tries to please Putin, said Alexander Vindman, whose White House career ended after his impeachment testimony.
The president claimed Steve Jobs would "not be happy" with his widow after The Atlantic's scathing report on his insults about fallen military heroes.
National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin calls her sources "unimpeachable" — unlike Trump.
The blow from the Trump-supporting cable news operation hits particularly hard.
“I say what I say,” the president replied when asked if he regretted denigrating John McCain's military service.
The comedian's impassioned essay in The Atlantic urged "snowflakes" to create a blizzard of votes "that no corrupt politician could survive."